Why Bloom?

In the post Roe era and in our 15th year, Birth Choice will become Bloom Pregnancy Help Center as we work to build the Culture of Life in North Texas and reach more abortion minded women where they are.

In this next chapter of the pro-life movement, Bloom’s priority is to facilitate a ministry encounter for the families we serve - going beyond pro-life advocacy to invite families into the abundance of the Culture of Life and support their efforts to make life affirming decisions for their child and themselves.

Why do we exist?

  • We accompany families considering abortion by inviting them into the abundance of the Gospel of Life by introducing them to resources that empower them to freely embrace life.

How will we succeed?

  • We win when we have made every effort to present the Gospel of Life in word and manner and by holding ourselves accountable to our strategic priorities to celebrate life in our business and ministry practices.
  • By proactively collaborating with other agencies in our community who share the same principles and values
  • By embracing each other, our community, and our families, and encouraging them to persevere with the knowledge that we are not alone

What’s most important, right now?

  • Increasing the # of abortion minded we encounter
  • Strong healthy team culture and decision making which sincerely maximizes the common good and dignity of all constituents
  • Advancement priorities that recognize the dignity of all benefactors by engaging them meaningfully in our ministry and by reducing redundancy as prudent stewards of resources 

Who does what?

  • The Bloom Board seeks to ensure the best interest of all stakeholders in governance decisions
  • Bloom Executive Leadership works to keep our mission relevant and sustainable and align with each other as a healthy first team.
  • Bloom management and supervisory roles work to support, encourage and train our advocate and medical teams.
  • Bloom advocates and medical team members work to interact, accompany, and follow up directly with our families on their journey of embracing life and God’s love and mercy.

What do we do?

  • Bloom provides emotional, spiritual, and material assistance in cooperation with our benefactors and provide guidance to families to seek out personal independence.

How will we behave?

  • Our team will hope in God’s grace in all the virtues prioritizing charity and respect for the dignity of others, gentleness, honesty and integrity these finding origin in Freedom, Empathy and Truth and Accountability.
  • We recognize the sacredness and dignity of each other. We love and empathize in spite of the fact that we may not always “like” and agree with each other. We recognize that we need each other in relationship with the Holy Trinity through the intercession of Mary.

Our 2024 advancement priorities

  1. Secure funding to launch a digital marketing campaign to increase # of abortion minded/abortion vulnerable women served by 15%+ by December 2025
  2. Reduce our material donation budget through targeted in-kind donation drives
  3. Operating support to ensure our ability to retain professional staff

Join us in boldly building the Culture of Life!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! 
Pope St. John Paul II, pray for us!

The Gospel lives in conversation with culture, and if the Church holds back from the culture, the Gospel itself falls silent.
– Pope Saint John Paul II


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Making a gift for the benefit of Bloom Pregnancy Help Center after you are gone is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy and ensure that our ministry to women facing an unexpected pregnancy will be there for generations to come.

For more information, call/email Kris Vetter, Senior Director of Advancement, at 214-631-2402, kris@bloomphc.org or click here.